The SeeYa’s Song Min Kyung to get married this autumn

Female vocal group The SeeYa‘s member Song Min Kyung has announced her plans to get married this autumn.

28-year-old idol star, Song Min Kyung, has been confirmed to get married this September. Reportedly, she has been in a serious relationship for quite a time now.

As of April 16th, her agency MBK Entertainment stated, “Song Min Kyung is planning to marry her boyfriend who see has been seeing for a while now. As of now, there is high possibility that the wedding will take place on September.”

In 2010, Song Min Kyung made her debut as a musical actress through Like the Rain, Like the Song. Just two years later, she made her debut as an R&B vocal girl group, The SeeYa, alongside Heo Young Joo, Sung Yu Jin, and Oh Yeon Kyung. The girls have been consistently releasing and promoting since their debut. Their latest track”Love Song” was released last December.

Source: Star News