EXO’s Sehun Surprises Fans With Response To Recent Pregnancy Rumors

“I’m really angry…”

EXO‘s Sehun was swirled up in pregnancy rumors earlier today, and he wasted no time in denying them through his company, SM Entertainment. But Sehun’s upset was so great he even chose to message his fans, with an uncharacteristic response toward the rumor, through the popular platform for fans, DearU Bubble.

| @oohsehun/Instagram

The EXO star was embroiled in the controversy when media outlets reported that he was spotted at an OB-GYN clinic, insinuating that his alleged girlfriend was pregnant. The rumors were blown up after an anonymous post where a Korean netizen claimed they had seen a male idol at the OB-GYN clinic.

I went for my preliminary check-up (at the OB-GYN), and I was surprised to see an idol. For your information, it was a man! He isn’t married, so it made me think he (and his girlfriend) had a premarital pregnancy.

— Korean Netizen

A picture posted on Sehun’s alleged girlfriend’s Instagram story, which showed a man sitting with his face covered, had netizens alleging the man was Sehun. His broad shoulders were the main feature that made netizens believe the claim. Another netizen noted that the alleged girlfriend had put an orange heart on the inflated belly of a cartoon character, that served as her Kakao Talk profile picture. This only further fuelled the rumors.

With this man, who is a gift.

— Sehun’s alleged girlfriend

Soon after the posts started gaining steam, SM Entertainment stepped in and emphatically denied all the rumors, calling them a form of defamation. The company also vowed to take legal action against those creating and spreading malicious rumors to protect their artist.

The rumors that are being spread online about Sehun are baseless misinformation, and spreading the rumors maliciously is a crime. Although the post has been deleted, we are monitoring the original author and those who spread the rumors and will take legal action.

— SM Entertainment

Sehun showed his disappointment and upset at the situation himself by writing to fans on DearU Bubble. He shared that he felt “really angry” at the situation.

Sehun on DearU Bubble | DearU Bubble

I’m really angry at how this situation was created when I was staying still but I wanted to tell you guys to not have even just a misunderstanding~

— EXO’s Sehun

Fans took to social media to show their support for the EXO star and expressed how sad they were due to the upset the rumors caused their favorite idol. Many even shared that the news must’ve concerned Sehun a lot, as it’s not usual for the idol to express his anger.