[★BREAKING]Sejeong cancels all activities after the sudden death of her Grandfather

I.O.I Sejeong is deep in sorrow as she loses her grandfather who was like a father to her.

Tragedy hits the family of Gugudan and I.O.I member Sejeong as it was revealed in the afternoon of the 9th that her grandfather had passed away the night before.

A Jellyfish Entertainment representative stated “Last night, Sejeong was informed that her maternal grandfather passed away. Because of this, she will not be performing live today, and instead a pre-recording will be aired. We have discussed this with KBS.”

The representative continued “Currently Sejeong is at the funeral home. Future schedules may be adjusted. Currently, there are no concrete plans.”

On KBS Happy Together, Sejeong burst into tears talking about her grandparents declining health and sent them a video message.

Sejeong has stated on several occasions that her grandfather was like a father to her and she was raised by her grandparents.

Watch Sejeong talk about her grandparents below  [start at 1:01:26]

Source: Herald Pop