Sejeong and Mina share the money they made from I.O.I with Gugudan members

Gugugan‘s Mina and Sejeong have been sharing their personal profits with the rest of their members ever since they debuted in I.O.I.

Mina and Sejeong found immense success after debuting in I.O.I and since then, they have been receiving love calls constantly. Sejeong alone has been in around 10 CFs.

Even though they have been receiving much love and attention from the public, they make sure not to forget about their members.

Jellyfish Entertainment revealed that Mina and Sejeong have been sharing their profits with the other Gugudan members ever since they benefited from their out of group activities.

Sejeong and Mina’s parents were the first ones to bring up the idea, and they immediately agreed.

“Ever since they debuted with I.O.I, Sejeong and Mina have been sharing their earnings from activites with the Gugudan members. Even now, the Gugudan members are splitting the profits amongst themselves. Sejeong and Mina’s parents first mentioned splitting up the profits with their hard-working members.”

— Jellyfish Entertainment

Source: Star News