Actress Announces Her Marriage And Reveals Her Handsome Non-Celebrity Fiancé

Congrats to the couple!

Actress Seo Hyo Myung announced she is getting married.

Seo Hyo Myung with her fiancé (left) | @seoyo22/Instagram

According to a Wikitree report, the actress will be marrying her non-celebrity boyfriend in Seoul on September 2.

The actress personally confirmed the news through her agency, thanked fans for supporting and blessing the couple’s upcoming nuptials.

I met a kind partner and we will do our best to live happily. Thank you for supporting and blessing the second chapter of my life. I will repay your support by doing my best. Thank you.

— Seo Hyo Myung

Meanwhile, Seo Hyo Myung is the eldest daughter of legendary Korean basketball player Park Chan Sook.

Park Chan Sook | Joongang News

Seo Hyo Myung has starred in several popular shows such as tvN‘s Rollercoaster, but is best konwn for her appearance on EBS‘s Tok! Tok! Boni, Hani, where she played the role of Hani for six years.

Source: wikitree