Seo In Guk Released From Military Service Due To Ankle Fracture

Actor and singer Seo In Guk was released back to the public four days after enlisting in the military. 

On March 31st, it was confirmed that Seo In Guk ordered to go home due to osteochondral lesion, a minor break in the cartilage in his left ankle. The fracture was discovered after a physical examination in the local military office.

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On March 28th, Seo In Guk, who was admitted to the recruitment training battalion of the 5th Infranty Division in the Gyeonggi Province as an active duty soldier, was ordered to return from the military today (March 31).

The cause was from an osteochondral lesion of his left ankle. It was confirmed initially prior to his enlistment but his detailed physical condition will be confirmed at a later date.

He tried to fulfill his military service but unlike his will, he was returned home. In the future, we will receive a follow-up physical examination at the local military office and will carry out his service according to the result.

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Seo In Guk enlisted at the Gyeonggi Province last March 28th for his enlistment. He was expected to complete five weeks of basic military training before proceeding to active duty.  Prior to his enlistment, he even released the digital track “Walk Together” as a tribute to his fans before his hiatus.

Source: TVReport