Actor Seo In Guk Reveals The Secret To His Illustrious Entertainment Career Of 12 Years

He shared his thoughts on how he’s come a long way since his debut!

Seo In Guk recently talked about his long, illustrious career, and shared his thoughts on his growth as an artist!

In a recent interview, Seo In Guk revealed his thoughts on his career and how he’s been able to stay in the industry for so long. Commenting on his 12 year long career, he shared how he’s always happy and excited about every new project he picks up, even today!

I still can’t believe it. I’ve thought about each and every project I’ve worked on and I can only think, “I’ve come a long way.”

My heart is still the same as always. Everything is still all new, difficult, exciting, and happy. Each and every little thing is fun.

—Seo In Guk

He started his career in 2009 after winning first place in the first season of SuperStar K, and released tons of chart-topping singles, while also making a name as a top actor! Throughout the years, he has been seen promoting in the most diverse fields out of all the artists who have debuted through an audition program, chalking up his success to the support of those around him!

I think it’s because there are a lot of good people around me. All the people that I’ve met and the staff that I have worked with were all great. Someone once told me that I have good fortune with people and I think they are right.

It wasn’t my intention, but I think this is my secret to lasting a long time in the industry.

—Seo In Guk

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While prospering as an actor and singer, Seo In Guk has also made his presence known in variety shows, with his most recent appearance on SBS’s My Little Old Boy as a special host! He then shared his thoughts on variety shows, revealing which ones he prefers!

I still get really nervous when it comes to talk shows. When I start talking, the story starts to go a different route. I was so nervous on this show too.

I want to go on a show that doesn’t need a lot of talking like Law of the Jungle or Three Meals A Day because, on shows like this, all you need to do is to do your own part well.

—Seo In Guk

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Seo In Guk’s upcoming movie Pipeline will release on May 26.

Watch the trailer for it here!

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