Legendary Idol Makes Shocking Claim About Her Relationship With Husband Amid Divorce Reports

The idol’s husband filed for divorce only seven months into their marriage.

Seo In Young responded to reports stating her husband of seven months has filed for divorce.

Seo In Young

On September 19, Seo In Young spoke with Ilgan Sports. According to the idol, her husband had never told her that he wanted a divorce, and claimed she felt blindsided by her husband.

I am shocked after learning of our divorce through articles. Recently, my husband told me that we weren’t a good fit for one another and that he wanted to break up, but we have never directly talked about a divorce.

— Seo In Young

According to the report, “In a shocked voice,” Seo In Young revealed that she wasn’t planning on granting her husband a divorce and that she was willing to work things out with her estranged husband.

I am a little shocked right now, so I think I need to figure out what’s going on. I have no plans to divorce my husband. Nothing bad happened between us. I am going to have to talk to him further.

— Seo In Young

Previously, it was reported that Seo In Young’s husband had filed for divorce. The news of Seo In Young’s divorce comes as a shock as the singer married her husband in February of this year.

Legendary Idol’s Husband Files For Divorce Less Than A Year Into Marriage

Source: Ilgan Sports