Seo In Guk And Park Boram Break Up After Dating For 2 Years

Their agencies revealed the details.

Actors Seo In Guk and Park Boram have broken up after dating for 2 years. They apparently grew apart naturally and recently decided to go their separate ways. Seo In Guk’s agency confirmed that they split a little over a month ago.

“It’s true that they broke up. Seo In Guk and Park Boram naturally split about a month ago.”

— BS Company

Park Boram’s agency also confirmed the news, stating that they decided to stay good friends as junior and senior.

“Seo In Guk and Park Boram broke up about a month ago. They decided to cheer each other on as good senior and junior.”

— MMO Entertainment

Seo In Guk and Park Boram previously confirmed that they were dating back in December 2017. Their agencies announced that they had already been dating for over a year and a half.

Source: Newsen and Sports Donga