Actress Surprises Fans By Revealing Her Boyfriend, 6 Years Her Junior

“Let me introduce you to my boyfriend…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Actress Seo Jeong Hee (also known as Suh Jung Hee) revealed she is dating a non-celebrity.

Seo Jeong Hee | Sports Hankook

On January 8, actress Seo Jeong Hee revealed her boyfriend on Instagram.

In her post, Seo Jung Hee shared several photos of herself with her boyfriend, who is reportedly 6 years younger than her.

Seo Jeong Hee with her boyfriend (right) | @junghee_suh/Instagram
Seo Jeong Hee with her boyfriend (right) | @junghee_suh/Instagram
Seo Jeong Hee with her boyfriend (right) | @junghee_suh/Instagram
Seo Jeong Hee with her boyfriend (right) | @junghee_suh/Instagram

The actress, who is a survivor of breast cancer, revealed that her boyfriend had supported her during her bout with the illness.

Let me introduce you to my boyfriend. Many people have supported and congratulated me. Thank you so much for your support. I wasn’t trying to hide my boyfriend at my age. I wonder to myself if I should have dated publicly from the start. Despite reports, I never said that we were dating to get married, and I had never given an interview, but reports were published prematurely.

He was a great source of strength while I was struggling with breast cancer. We became closer during the times we went to the hospital together. (Since then) I opened tBD Designs, and I am working hard. We took some goofy pictures at our construction site in Gunja-dong.

— Seo Jeong Hee

Lastly, Seo Jeong Hee doted on her boyfriend, revealing that he had been a family friend for over 30 years.

He is also a believer (in Christ) like me. He has served the same church as my family for 30 years in Boston and is a close friend that I have had for many years. We aren’t getting married yet. We remain close friends and look after each other with loving hearts and mutual respect for one another. Please look fondly over us.

— Seo Jeong Hee

Meanwhile, Seo Jeong Hee is an actress who debuted in the 1981 movie Heaven Mom. The actress quickly rose to prominence thanks to her legendary beauty, but soon shocked the industry when she married the late comedian Seo Se Won. Later, it would be revealed that she had been forced to marry her husband after being sexually assaulted by him and that she endured decades of abuse by the comedian. Seo Jeong Hee would sue her husband and win her divorce in court in 2015 after 32 nightmarish years. Seo Se Won, for his part, was only given a suspended sentence; he would later be found dead in Cambodia in 2023.

Seo Jeong Hee would later be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022. Despite her illness, she is living her best life. She is also the mother of lawyer and popular celebrity Seo Dong Joo.

Seo Jeong Hee with her daughter, Seo Dong Joo | E Today
Source: @junghee_suh/Instagram