Seo Ji Seok Will Reportedly Replace Kang Ji Hwan In Ongoing Drama

Seo Ji Seok may take his place.

It has been reported that actor Seo Ji Seok will replace Kang Ji Hwan in the ongoing drama, Joseon Survival.

According to Sports Donga, Seo Ji Seok has been offered the role of Han Jeong Rok in Joseon Survival and is currently in negotiations.


Kang Ji Hwan had stepped down from the series on July 11th. On July 12th, Kang Ji Hwan halted filming the series after he was arrested for the sexual assault and sexual harassment of two female employees at his home in Gwangju.


After the incident, his agency and the production company for Joseon Survival, Huayi Brothers Entertainment stated that Kang Ji Hwan will step down from the film and that they are seeking new actors.

Kang Ji Hwan will step down from the role of Han Jeong Rok. We are currently seeking actors for his replacement.

ㅡ Huayi Brothers Entertainment


Joseon Survival will take a two-week break to reorganize matters. With the addition of Seo Ji Seok as a replacement, the drama is speculated to begin filming again within this week.

Source: Sports Chosun