Former Idol Announces Her Divorce From Alleged Abusive Husband

“My lovelies, it’s finally over…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

Former girl group member Seo Sarang announced she has divorced her husband, Lee Jung Hwan.

Seo Sarang | Wikitree

On November 2, Seo Sarang posted to her Instagram, revealing the news to her followers.

In her post, the former idol reveals that after one year of divorce proceedings, her legal battle with her now ex-husband is over.

My lovelies… It’s finally over… LOL. My legal battle has finally ended after over a year. For whatever reason, after receiving the notice from my lawyer, I started crying.

It isn’t only because of the divorce. Thinking about my life, there were times that I was angry at the world and wondered why, at this age, I was going through things some people may never experience in their lifetime. But now, these experiences have strengthened me. I think I have matured to where now I can love all of my good and bad experiences :).

— Seo Sarang

Seo Sarang then revealed despite her divorce, she didn’t regret getting married and giving birth to her child and stated that she was excited to start the next chapter in her life.

I sincerely have no regrets about my marriage, giving birth, and divorce since I married and divorced to become happier :). With the lessons from life’s first chapter in mind, I will live happier in my life’s second chapter.

My daughter and I will live happily ever after. Since so many of you have worried for me and have supported me, you’re the first ones I wanted to tell. I hope those going through a hard time, even if it isn’t because of their marriage, can look at me and gain strength. I will live more courageously and become braver. Please know that no matter how hard things are, it all will pass.

— Seo Sarang

Meanwhile, Seo Sarang debuted as part of SUS4 (which became H2L). She would also go on to promote as a member of Melody Pink. In May, Seo Sarang and her husband appeared on the reality show Between Marriage And Divorce (translated title from 결혼과 이혼 사이). Two months after the show ended, she accused her husband of domestic abuse. Lee Jung Hwan has since denied the allegations.

Source: wikitree