Seo Taiji to complete 9th album activities with fan event

Legendary singer Seo Taiji will be wrapping up activities for his 9th studio album Quiet Night with a fan event, which is set to take place in just a few days.

Titled Unquiet Night, he will be looking back on his latest activities in the upcoming fan event. According to the announcement released via his official website on February 9th, “Seo Taiji will complete his 9th album activities with ‘Unquiet Night’ on the 13th, we are preparing to organize with Mania.”

A variety of projects have been planned, including a panel that will give out its thoughts of how the singer’s latest activities were as a whole.

Recruitment for the panel will take place on February 9th with the event to be held on the 11th at 8PM KST.

Source: 10Asia