Seo Taiji, PSY and more send their support to Shin Hae Chul following his cardiac arrest

Veteran singer Shin Hae Chul recently underwent surgery after being sent to the emergency room for a cardiac arrest. Upon being sent to the emergency room, he successfully completed a three-hour surgery, as reported by his agency KCA Entertainment.  In light of the shocking event, friends such as Seo Taiji, PSY, Lee Seung Hwan, and more have expressed their anxious feelings and desires for him to wake up, and fully start recovering from the accident.

Either through SNS or live performances, Shin Hae Chul’s closest friends and workers publicly expressed their worry, and urged fans to continually pray for him as well as he enters his third day of being unconscious since his surgery on October 22nd.

On October 24th, PSY and Yoon Do Hyun visited Shin Hae Chul where he currently resides unconscious at the Seoul Asan Hospital. Seo Taiji, Lee Seung Hwan, and Kim Jong Seo visited him on the following day, October 25th, all of them reportedly showing great pain at the sight of Shin Hae Chul’s illness according to a KCA representative.

On the same day of visiting him, Lee Seunghwan wrote on Facebook, “Please wake up. There are many things you and I have to do,” portraying in a simple way the high stakes of the situation.

Kim Jong Seo and Yoon Do Hyun further worried for their colleague through their respective Twitter accounts. Kim Jong Seo wrote, “Everyone please pray in order that Hae Chul can get right back up. I’m believing and having faith in that all of you fans’ support will be a great energy for him,” while Yoon Do Hyun posted encouragingly, “Hae Chul hyung will pull through and wake up. If everyone will think that way, it will be that way!”

Seo Taiji also revealed tears during the last moments of “Seo Taiji’s Mission” on Mnet Superstar K6’s October 24th episode, while stating to all those who were present, “Shin Hae Chul hyung is hurting much. Please give him lots of support. I think he will be able to wake up fast if he receives lots of support.”

Currently, there are no reports stating that he had woken up or has improved in his health. Shin Hae Chul remains unconscious, and his concerts have been cancelled due to the current situation.

Koreaboo offers their deepest support towards Shin Hae Chul as well, and hopes that he will indeed wake up and recover speedily.

Source: Yonhap News