Seo Taiji’s songs to be reborn as a musical

It has been revealed that the hit singles of avant-garde singer Seo Taiji will be reborn as part of a musical.

Spotlight Company has stated on November 10th that “a new musical will be released at the end of next year using Seo Taiji’s hit singles fitting in with the musical’s plot.” The musical will be loosely based on Albert Camus’ novel The Plague, and is expected to feature Seo Taiji’s songs well.

The company has already finished signing a contract with Seo Taiji regarding the use of his music, and the singer himself will also participate in remixing and plot writing of the musical. The famous singer has revealed that “since the musical was prepared for a long time in precise direction and restless efforts, it will surely be one of the best of its kind.”

Seo Taiji made his long awaited comeback recently with the release of his 9th album Quiet Night, which he promoted through releasing a music video of its title track “”.

Source: Sports Dong A