Seo Ye Ji Explains Why Her Role In “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Healed Her

Seo Ye Ji looks shockingly beautiful wearing Chanel High Jewelry in the Harper’s BAZAAR photoshoot.

Seo Ye Ji appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR magazine’s recent issue, where she looked shockingly beautiful in a collaboration photoshoot with Chanel High Jewelry.

In the interview, Seo Ye Ji spoke about portraying the role of Go Mun Yeong in the tvN drama, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, that created a global sensation with its quirky storyline and the most impressive high fashion outfits.

Seo Ye Ji said, “I spent the past few months as Mun Yeong. I was able to heal a lot through her while she worked on facing her trauma and healing her wounds”.

Regarding the role, Seo Ye Ji explained that it wasn’t always easy because the drama gained so much attention worldwide, there was a lot of pressure. “As much as it was a challenge, I was happy just as much. I will always remember Mun Yeong as the role that helped me continuously grow”.

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Reading through her interview, you can’t help but fall in love with her because she sounds to down-to-earth.

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When she was asked about the time of her life when everything feels like a fairy tale, Seo Ye Ji stated, “I’m not sure yet. I think a moment that resembles a fairy tale would include all the moments of both happiness and sadness. I’m looking forward to what’s coming ahead in my life to feel what that moment will be”.