Seo Ye Ji Appeared In Front Of The Camera For The First Time Since Her Scandal, Here Is How Fans Are Reacting

“Hello, this is Seo Ye Ji, who plays the role of Lee Ra El…”

Embattled actress Seo Ye Ji (also stylized as Seo Yea Ji) greeted fans through a YouTube video, her first public appearance since her past scandal.

Seo Yea Ji | Eve/tvN

On April 24, tvN uploaded a YouTube video giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming drama Eve featuring the actress.

Seo Yea Ji | Eve/tvN

In the video, the actress greets viewers,

Hello, this is Seo Ye Ji, who plays the role of Lee Ra El. It’s nice to meet you. Ra El is someone who loses everything to people who only care about money and plots her revenge, which includes betrayal, conspiracy, love, and ambition.

—Seo Ye Ji

Fans’ initial response to seeing the actress in the video has been overwhelmingly positive. Many wrote comments welcoming Seo Ye Ji back.

  • “I will root for you forever”
  • “Seo Ye Ji, hwaiting!”
  • “Can’t wait for Eve ㅠㅠ, hwaiting!”
  • “Seo Ye Ji hwaiting! Eve hwaiting!
  • “Seo Ye Ji hwaiting! We will be with you every moment~”
  • “Ye Ji can’t wait to see you, I miss you, see you soon ㅠㅠ”

Eve is the first drama from the actress since her gaslighting scandal with actor Kim Jung Hyun.

Kim Jung Hyun | @jhkim0405/Instagram

Seo Ye Ji is alleged to have demanded her then-lover, Kim Jung Hyun, refrain from any physical contact with his on-screen counterpart, Seohyun, during the filming of the drama The Time. Kim Jung Hyun would later quit the drama during production, citing health issues.

Seohyun (left) and Kim Jung Hyun (right) during press conference for Time | MBC

The backlash from the scandal forced Seo Ye Ji to withdraw from her own drama, titled Island, mid- production. It forced the drama to recast and reshoot her scenes.

As a year has passed since the scandal, whether the former star will be able to regain her past popularity remains to be seen.

Cast of Eve from left to right: Park Byeong Eun, Yoo Sun, Seo Yea Ji, Lee Sang Yeob | Korea Herald

Eve is a drama where the main character takes revenge on Korea’s 0.1% elites.

Seo Ye Ji will be playing the role of Lee Ra El, who plots the revenge for her parent’s death by being the protagonist in a ₩2.00 trillion KRW (about $1.60 billion USD) divorce case featuring one of Korea’s wealthiest families.

Seo Yea Ji | Eve/tvN

Appearing alongside Seo is veteran actor Park Byeong Eun who is playing Kang Yoon Gyeom, a successful businessman whose life is up-ended by Ra El.

Park Byeong Eun | @byung_eun_park/Instagram

Also starring in the drama is Korean Entertainment’s man-of-the-moment, actor Lee Sang Yeob, who will be playing lawyer Seo Eun Pyung. The actor had initially faced his share of criticism for joining the cast, with fans showing concern that acting with Seo Ye Ji may affect his career negatively.

Lee Sang Yeob | Esquire

Eve will be airing its first episode on May 25, 2022, on tvN. Will you be watching? Check out the video linked below to see the first glimpse of the drama and Seo Ye Ji’s return.

Source: Wikitree