Top Actress Denies Bullying Accusations, Pleads For Criticisms To End

The actress has been levied with heavy criticism since the allegations.

Seo Yea Ji‘s label Gold Medalist addressed bullying allegations, which have resurfaced.

Seo Yea Ji | Pinterest

On November 16, Gold Medalist released a statement. In the statement, the label reaffirmed their position that the bullying allegations against the actress were false.

On November 10, during Seo Yea Ji’s trial against New Origin (유한건강생활), we were able to confirm that the bullying allegations against her were unverified speculations.

— Gold Medalist

The label then stated that the ₩250 million KRW (about $193,000 USD) awarded to New Origin, a former brand sponsor, did not prove that the allegations were any more credible.

We are simply returning a portion of the model fee due to the fact that we had lost the trust of the advertiser because of the allegations. The ruling proved that the allegations against Seo Yea Ji are not true, and therefore, we ask that the unfounded rumors and indiscriminate criticism of her stop.

— Gold Medalist

Meanwhile, Seo Yea Ji’s label was recently ordered to pay ₩250 million KRW (about $193,000 USD) to a former brand sponsor. The actress herself, however, was found not liable for any losses as the acts that she is alleged to have committed occurred before signing with the brand.

Judge Rules In Case Accusing Top Actress Of Bullying And Gaslighting Former Lover

The ruling is significant as it may serve as a precedent for future trials involving celebrities who are canceled due to their past.

Source: wikitree