Actress Seo Yea Ji Is Reportedly Being Sued By A Company She Once Endorsed

“Although we tried our best to come to an amicable agreement, the differences were too far apart…”

On May 27, media outlet Busan Ilbo published an exclusive report stating that actress Seo Yea Ji (also stylized Seo Ye Ji) is currently fighting a lawsuit against a company she once endorsed.

Seo Yea Ji is fighting in court with a company “A” that she modeled for last year. According to company “A,” the company failed to find mediation with Seo Yea Ji’s agency, Gold Medalist, over losses occurred and have decided to file for arbitration.

— Busan Ilbo

According to the report, the company is suing for losses due to having to replace Seo Yea Ji and refilming the commercial. The actress was caught up in a controversy when it was revealed that she allegedly gaslit her then-boyfriend, actor Kim Jung Hyun, into not fully participating in dramas with his female co-stars. The actress’s label, Gold Medalist, announced that they did not agree with the amount the company requested as compensation.

Gold Medalist presented statements to Busan Ilbo.

There was a disagreement with Company “A” regarding if Seo Yea Ji committed something that constitutes breaking the contract we had agreed on. Although we tried our best to come to an amicable agreement, the differences were too far apart.

— Gold Medalist

Company “A” also revealed its stance to Busan Ilbo.

If the rumors were just a rumor, the actress needed to assertively dispel them. Due to the actress’s passive response, the company’s image also suffered. The public was not satisfied with the actress’s delayed explanation and had criticized the actress.

— Company “A”

Seo Yea Ji previously faced controversy and has since taken a hiatus from the industry. She is making her return on June 1 with tvN‘s new drama EVE.

Source: Busan Ilbo