Actress Seo Ye Ji’s Argument With Neighbors Over Parking Issues And More Get Spotlighted — Her Agency Addresses The Matter

She had already apologized.

A post from mid-2021 about actress Seo Ye Ji had received spotlight belatedly. The post began to make its rounds on community sites and went viral, resulting in her agency making a statement recently.

A netizen that claimed to live in the same building as Seo Ye Ji’s parents had complained that her parents had often gotten into fights with their neighbors. Her parents had allegedly left their belongings in common areas such as the staircase and it stretched all the way to n front of the netizen’s house.

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If I were to add on, they put their belongings on the common staircase all the way to the fire extinguisher in front of my house and they even put a fence all around their belongings as if to tell people not to touch their things… I don’t understand their behavior as they put up a fence even though there’s an elevator. Emergency cases could occur in the upper floors.

— Netizen

They also claimed that Seo Ye Ji would visit her parents at least three times a week and whenever she did, she would park her car however she liked. This resulted in the other residents’ cars being blocked in.

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According to the netizen, her parents would often fight with the neighbors due to the fence put up on the common areas and that her father pushed one of the neighbors during an argument. They claim this has been going on for four years. Seo Ye Ji eventually dealt with this with the help of a lawyer from her company.

At first I asked if she was Seo Ye Ji and she denied it but not long after, she brought a lawyer. I explained the things that had happened over the 4 years and got an apology. Seo Ye Ji said her parents would move away and said, “You’re not going to write a post on it right?” which made me doubt her sincerity in the apology.

— Netizen

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Regarding the post, on March 3, 2022, Seo Ye Ji’s agency, Gold Medalist, stated to SBS News that it was due to a misunderstanding.

We think this matter came up due to mutual misunderstandings. After Seo Ye Ji received the complaints from the neighbors, she did her best to apologize. Sincerity is up to the opposite party to feel so we don’t know how to address this part. Her family moved not long after. Things got settled so it’s a thing that has already been solved.

— Gold Medalist

Seo Ye Ji may be making a comeback to the industry soon with Eve’s Scandal. This is her first work since her controversy with Kim Jung Hyun.


Source: SBS News