[★BREAKING] Seo In Young Breaks Her Silence And Responds To Accusations Against Her

Seo In Young‘s agency finally broke their silence and released an official statement in response to the allegations against her and the video of her swearing.

Earlier today, an anonymous report by an alleged staff member of “With You Season 2” accused Seo In Young of verbally abusing and mistreating staff members. The allegation included a video which showed Seo In Young angrily swearing at a staff member and also accused her of playing the victim when she was the cause of the show’s cancellation.

For an in-depth story of the entire controversy surrounding Seo In Young, follow the link below: 

The controversy immediately proceeded to go viral but Seo In Young’s agency Star Empire kept their silence after stating that they were “looking into things”.

That silence, however, was broken with an official statement by the company which has been translated below.

Hello this is Star Entertainment.

This is our official statement on the problem that arose during the filming of “With You Season 2 – The Best Love” which took place early January.

After looking at the anonymous postings that was uploaded on the 19th, we have confirmed that we are in the wrong and that there was trouble during filming.

The video of Seo In Young isn’t that of her swearing at someone but simply her manner of speech turning aggressive due to her emotions.

We realize that it was wrong to swear at a filming set while many staff members are around and Seo In Young knows that she has made a mistake. We apologize to those who were hurt through this incident.

Seo In Young is currently regretting her emotional actions that have caused such a controversy and will try to show a more mature persona from this point on.

We are sorry.


Source: Sports Chosun