Seo In Young Tears Up During First TV Appearance Since Being Caught Swearing At TV Show Staff

She explained she had time to reflect and apologized for her mistakes.

On the latest episode of Sugar Man Season 2, Seo In Young appeared on TV for the first time since her swearing incident in early 2017.

Seo In Young went under massive fire after a short footage of her cursing at a staff went viral. She has not been on TV since then, which took place over a year ago.


When host Yoo Jae Suk asked Seo In Young how she has been, she first hesitated to answer.


Seo In Young then began to open up to the inevitable question, knowing that a lot has happened since then.

“I knew it would be awkward to not talk about this and sit here through the whole show. A lot of things happened to me in the past year.” — Seo In Young


Seo In Young stated she was able to reflect upon her actions and regret what she has done wrong.

“I’ve been using the time to really look into myself and think about what I’ve done. I was able to reflect and regret.” — Seo In Young


A fellow Jewelry member Park Jung A chimed in, claiming she wanted Seo In Young to take the opportunity through Sugar Man to get back on TV.

“When we first got the casting call, I convinced Seo In Young it would be best if we got back together as a group and appeared in front of our fans before any more time passes.” — Park Jung A


Seo In Young asked if she could publicly apologize, as she never got the chance to say sorry when the incident happened and she was removed from her shows.


Seo In Young teared up as she apologized, and Yoo Jae Suk comforted her and said fans would be excited to see her on TV again.

“I’m really sorry, everyone.” — Seo In Young


The show revealed that other Jewelry members have been keeping busy. Park Jung A has been acting and performing musicals, Kim Eun Jung has been actively working as a lyricist, and Ha Joo Yeon has been preparing her own designer bag business!


Fans were thrilled to see the four ladies get together as Jewelry, which was one of the longest reigning girl groups in the history of K-Pop.

Source: Dispatch