Seo Yu Ri responds to netizens’ criticism on her plastic surgery

Entertainer and SNL Korea cast member Seo Yu Ri has displayed her discomfort with netizens’ criticism in light of her past regarding plastic surgery.

Regarding netizens’ criticism on how Seo Yu Ri’s life has changed after undergoing plastic surgery, the celebrity shared on her Twitter on June 2nd KST, “How can plastic surgery change my life? Aigoo, don’t talk about others’ life that easily. You seem young too. You will come to realize things naturally once you get a little older.”

Judging from her following statement, it seems to like several netizens have gone too far on the criticism as she said, “To state once again, it was not to an extent of addiction, and [I] finished it before the radio actress audition in 2008. I don’t regret the younger me who did not know how to present myself better, but it’s a little too much to persistently hang on to some of the photos that I look worst in.”

Finally, she ended her comment, “Humans’ psychology tend to believe what they want to believe. But please, have your boundaries. Your faith should not harm others.” 

Take a look at what other netizens think about the incident:

[+6844,-565] So obvious that those butthurt netizens would have commented plastic surgery monster and etc. Just don’t mind them.

[+5390,-398] She responded well. It’s good to see her trying best in everything. Fighting!!!!

[+3227,-257] … you mean her role changed …

[+906,-155] It’s probably not like her life changed, but didn’t it still influence her much… wish she was more honest about it. Can you nab attention on SNL without any plastic surgery?…

Source: My Daily and My Daily via Naver