Seogoong leaves Topp Dogg to work with sub-unit, Under Dogg

After Topp Dogg‘s Seogoong released a message on Twitter and Topp Dogg’s official fancafe, it has been revealed that he will be leaving Topp Dogg to work with sub-unit, Under Dogg.  

As Topp Dogg’s fancafe was updated, it was revealed that Seogoong wishes “to cover a broader musical spectrum and show more unique, diverse stages. Beginning January 16th, 2015, Seogoong will attempt to create a new unit and work together with Under Dogg, independent from Topp Dogg.

Prior to the message on their fancafe, Seogoong tweeted a message to fans on January 16th where the short message said, “Everyone, hello? It’s Seogoong~~ You all miss me a lot right? I miss you lots too~ Please wait a bit more, ta-dah!!! I’ll return soon with a cool image~ I love you.

Topp Dogg debuted in 2013 as a 13 member group with their upbeat song, “Follow Me” and released their first EP titled, Dogg’s Out on October 24th, 2013.

Source: Omona