Seohyun Reveals How She Was Able To Avoid Dating Scandals Throughout Her Entire Career

She’s never once been in a dating scandal for 13 years!

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun guest starred on Section TV, where she shared details into her love life and how she was able to avoid dating scandals.


The interviewer commented on how Seohyun was the queen of having a clean, righteous image. He wondered how she was able to go nearly 13 years without once getting caught dating!


Seohyun’s secret? She wasn’t caught in a scandal because she barely dated! She emphasized that she “really didn’t date much!


She’s explained that she didn’t date a lot because she puts work as her first priority.

“I really didn’t date a lot, and I think I have the personality where I put work first.”

— Seohyun


Seeing how focused, driven, and proper Seohyun really was, the interviewer had to ask: “What was the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?” Seohyun adorably answered that she once went clubbing with her Girls’ Generation unnies!

“I went clubbing before! I went to a club with my members in France. It was so fun!

They even had a dance battle on the dance floor. It was fun watching Hyoyeon compete.”

— Seohyun


Despite her lack of dating experience, Seohyun really hopes to feature on a melodrama one day! She’s certain she could play the part very well!


The Seohyun lesson of the day: If you don’t want to get caught dating, then don’t date in the first place!

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