Even Seohyun And Lee Jun Young Don’t Agree With What The “Love And Leashes” Protagonist Did

Many viewers thought the same thing 😂

The new Korean movie Love And Leashes shocked the internet with its BDSM-centered theme featuring K-Pop idols Seohyun (Girls’ Generation) and Lee Jun Young (U-KISS).

Seohyun plays Jung Ji Woo, an office worker who has feelings for fellow employee Jung Ji Hoo (played by Lee Jun Young) and accidentally learns about his S&M fetish.

Lee Jun Young (left) and Seohyun (right) | Netflix

Recently, the two actors guested on The Swoon and reacted to stand-out scenes in the movie. They started with the situation that started it all—when Ji Woo mistakenly opens a package meant for Ji Hoo and sees that he bought a leash.

Flustered, Ji Hoo lies and says that it was for his pet poodle. He tries to pry the package from her hands when she offers to throw it, but the sudden movement sends it flying…and a coupon from a BDSM shop lands right in front of Ji Woo.

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After watching the scene, Seohyun and Lee Jun Young were asked, “What would you do if you were faced with the same situation?

Lee Jun Young didn’t have to think long about his answer. If he were in Ji Hoo’s shoes, he would pretend that the package wasn’t his and would simply repurchase it in person.

I’d say that wasn’t for me. ‘Who bought a leash for their dog?‘ I would pretend it wasn’t mine. Would you just throw it out? ‘It’s not mine.’ I’d probably buy it again. Next time, I would go buy it in person instead.

— Lee Jun Young

He made a critical mistake,” Lee Jun Young said, referring to his character Ji Hoo. He didn’t agree with Ji Hoo’s decision to send the package to his office instead of his house. “Why would he get it delivered to work?

Agreeing, Seohyun added that if she were Ji Hoo, she would nonchalantly tell Ji Woo to throw the package into the garbage.

I’d be like, ‘Sure. Throw it out.’ Then I would get back to work as if nothing happened. So the other person might be like, ‘Did she see it or not?

— Seohyun

If either of their versions were to have happened instead, the movie would have probably ended right then and there!

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