Seohyun Transforms Herself into a Boy

Seohyun recently updated her Instagram with a photo of herself dressed as a boy, and she looks very convincing.

On February 27, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun uploaded a photo of herself dressed as a boy on her Instagram, wearing a stylish hat, round glasses, and a short wig. She named herself “Seo Ju Hyuk“, a play on her real name, Seo Ju Hyun.

“Hello I’m Seo Ju Hyuk oppa^^ I’ll see you at 9:40 Wednesday night❤ #myoppa #how’sitlivingalone #onstyle #seojuhyuk”

– Seohyun of Girls’ Generation

Seohyun’s text accompanying the post showed that she had dressed as a boy for the upcoming episode of OnStyle‘s How’s it Living Alone, a program that follows Seohyun as she learns to live alone.

Seohyun’s transformation into a boy will be aired on March 1.