AOA Seolhyun reveals the hardest part of being a sexy icon

It seems like most female celebrities are sharing their struggles in losing weight and this time, AOA’s Seolhyun is the next one to reveal hers! 

On a recent broadcast on tvN, Seolhyun confessed that at the time of her debut, she weighed at least 60 kilograms. The confession took interest considering that the singer and actress is known for her perfect figure, sweeping various CF deals and concepts.

According to Seolhyun, in order to achieve and maintain her present figure, there was not a diet regime nor exercise she has not tried.

The confession caught quite an interest as the weight mentioned was seemingly proportionate to her height, while others defended that there is little difference between the targeted 58 kilograms that all idols seem to covet.

Check out the differences between her debut and current figure now.
Image: MyDaily

Source: MyDaily