Seolhyun shows off rarely-seen style from recent photoshoot

AOA‘s Seolhyun surprised fans after revealing more pictures of her sporting a bobbed haircut for her recent Gmarket photoshoot.

On October 4th, Seolhyun uploaded a picture of her newly bobbed hair on Instagram as part of a behind-the-scenes cut for a commercial. She is still able to express her lovely charms and flair even without her signature beautiful long locks. The alluring look also gives off a graceful vibe as well.

Since debuting with AOA in 2012, Seolhyun has rarely been spotted straying off from her long hair. During “Short Hair” promotions, and most likely for her latest commercial shoot as well, the idol singer sported a wig to show off a short cut.

Meanwhile, though Seolhyun was confirmed to have been in a relationship with Block B‘s Zico, it was recently reported that the couple had broken up as of late.

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Source: Dispatch