Customer Gets In Trouble With His Fiance For Checking Out AOA’s Seolhyun On “Unexpected Business”

“What are you talking about? I saw your eyes roll back.”

On the April 22 episode of tvN‘s Unexpected Business, actress and AOA member Seolhyun appeared on the show.

Seolhyun on Unexpected Business | tvN

The actress and singer helped the cast serve real-life customers by cooking at the restaurant inside the grocery store.

Seolhyun (left) and Park Byung Eun (right) on Unexpected Business | tvN

During the dinner shift, a martial arts instructor and his fiance stopped by. Despite being with his fiance, the brave soul glanced over at Seolhyun.  When Seolhyun brought over their food, the soon-to-be-groom blushed while stating, “I can’t believe I am eating food cooked by Seolhyun.”

Unexpected Business | tvN

The martial instructor kept up his admiration for Seolhyun to his fiance, stating, “Wow, she really is pretty,” before catching himself and immediately exclaimed to his fiance, “Of course, you are the prettiest in the world.” However, the bride-to-be was not amused, stating, “What are you talking about? I saw your eyes roll back. You literally have eyes on the back of your head right now,” alluding to the groom glancing over to Seolhyun, who was behind him.

Unexpected Business | tvN

tvN’s Unexpected Business is a hit variety show that revolves around the premise of actors Jo In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun managing a grocery store. Guests celebrities feature as one-day employees of the market.

Seolhyun is starring in the much anticipated upcoming tvN drama The Killer’s Shopping List. Lee Kwang Soo is also starring in the comedic murder mystery. Check out the teaser in the video below.

Source: Wikitree