Seoul Metro Clarifies That Subway Ad Ban Will NOT Apply To Idol Birthday Signs

Fans will be able to continue congratulating their idols through subway ads!

Seoul Metro has officially announced that they will ban advertisements containing personal opinions or motivations.

Source: Yonhap News

As a result, advertisements related to gender, politics, religion or ideology will be banned from Subway Lines 1-8.


The new regulation was created to prevent any further controversies that could arise due to the advertisements.

“Advertisements on feminism, Moon Jae In and Kim Jong Un have previously caused controversy but a clear rule has been set with our decision to ban advertisements containing personal or organizational opinions.” ㅡ Seoul Metro Affiliate


Seoul Metro also clarified that advertisements congratulating the birthdays of idols will not be classified as “ads containing opinions” and therefore, advertisements of celebrities made by fans will continue to be allowed.

Source: Digital Times