TWICE, SEVENTEEN, Wanna One And More Nearly Injured By Dangerous Pyrotechnics At “Seoul Music Awards”

They ran for cover.

During the recent 2019 Seoul Music Awards, many idols were seated in circular tables near the stage, but the concert producers failed to realize that the idols’ seats were placed way too close to the pyrotechnics.


During the opening for BTS’s ‘FAKE LOVE’ performance, the pyrotechnics were set off multiple times. The explosions, immense heat, and fire frightened the idols as they ran up out of their seats.


The idols covered their heads and their ears as the explosions continued.


Furious fans criticized the event coordinators for putting the idols in dangerous situations that could definitely gotten out of hand.


Thankfully, none of the idols sustained any major injuries as they continued on with the show.