Netizens Bash Seoul Music Awards Red Carpet MC For Her Revealing Dress

They bashed on her, saying it was “too much” and “inappropriate”.

Han Choim, the CEO and member of Camila, graced the Seoul Music Award‘s red carpet as an MC with Kwon Hyuk Soo.


She wore an elegant, sheer dress that featured beautiful floral embroideries and a shoulder fur scarf.


The dress showed off her slim figure as it was completely sheer from top to bottom, showing off her off-white-nude bodysuit underneath.


However, Korean netizens don’t seem to agree that the dress was fitting for the event. They deemed it “too much”, “inappropriate” and “revealing”.


Despite the overwhelming disapprovement from the netizens, Han Choim is happy to be receiving so much interest. She revealed in an interview that she reformed the dress herself and has no regrets in wearing it!

“I personally prepared the dress. I reformed the dress and purchased the scarf separately to match it. I didn’t know it would get so much attention because there are so many beautiful dresses these days and I’m not well known.

I’m thankful and happy to get so much attention. I’m grateful it became an issue because we’re a team that promotes without an agency.

We, Camila, are idols who survive on their own. We don’t have managers or stylists. Even the outfits we’ve worn so far were prepared by me. I usually like wearing clothes that show off the body line, but I feel like my dress was lacking because I had to prepare it by myself. But I didn’t worry too much [about criticisms]. I’m the personality to try something if I want to.”

— Han Choim


Han Choim first appeared on the variety show, Love Catcher, as well as Dancing9. Since then, she’s opened up her own management and self-produces her girl group, Camila.

Source: Instiz