S.E.S Shoo To Have Solo Debut In Japan, Single Will Be Movie Tie-In

It’s been a long time since fans heard new music from her!

Shoo, who was a member of the 90’s girl group S.E.S, has resumed full-scale activities in Japan. She will release her solo debut single “I found love” on November 27.

The song has been chosen as the tie-in for the movie Seikimatsu Blue which will star MNL48 members, an AKB sister group in the Philippines.

Prior to the song’s release, Shoo will hold a “Japan solo debut live – I found love” event on November 25 at Kochijoji CLUB SEATA. An in-store live event is also planned to commemorate the release of “I found love”.

Shoo may have many future activities in Japan, so her fans, as well as long-time fans of S.E.S, may want to keep an eye out for future events!

Source: kstyle