“Sesame Street” Cast Shocks ARMYs By Covering BTS

“It’s like your childhood meets your adulthood.”

The Sesame Street cast shocked ARMYs by covering BTS recently.

“Sesame Street” cast | PBS

Classic American educational children’s television series Sesame Street‘s cast, including beloved character Elmo, recently guested on Fox‘s The Masked Singer. Season 9, Episode 5, which aired on March 15, was “Sesame Street Night.”

Elmo | PBS

The Masked Singer is the American version of the popular South Korean singing competition program King of Masked Singer, which strips celebrities’ of their fame, so they are only judged on their talent. BTS’s Jungkook actually competed on the show before.

You’re probably thinking it’s a bit strange that Sesame Street characters would appear on such a show, but The MuppetsKermit the Frog was a past contestant…

In the recent episode, viewers were shocked when Elmo appeared, playing the piano and singing BTS’s hit song “Dynamite.” He was joined by co-stars Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Count von Count, along with The Masked Singer‘s panelists Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, and Robin Thicke.

ARMYs were pleasantly surprised. They never expected their different worlds to collide like this.

Not only do ARMYs love it, but they think BTS would too!

Now, we’re all hoping that this means that BTS will guest on Sesame Street one day.

It’s about time!

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