Seungri Frustrated That G-Dragon Always Steals His Screen Time On Music Shows

BIGBANG’s Seungri finally expressed his frustration about how the music shows always love shooting G-Dragon… even during his parts!

On a recent Radio Star broadcast, BIGBANG‘s maknae Seungri admitted that he was frustrated with group leader G-Dragon for stealing his screen time whenever they performed on music shows!


Seungri started off by explaining the process of how parts are distributed in a BIGBANG song.

“For BIGBANG, G-Dragon hyung distributes the parts because he writes the songs. He will decide and tell us. Once it’s decided we can’t change it.” — Seungri


When he was asked whether or not he had a problem with the process, Seungri expressed his grievances.

“Of course! I brought up the fact that all of my parts sound the same!” — Seungri


He even used examples from his parts in “FXXK IT” and “BAE BAE” to show the similarities.


Seungri even sang the chorus (the main part of a song!) before but he was shadowed by G-Dragon, who added in the background vocals. He literally burst out in anger!

“I sang the chorus for a song called ‘LOSER.’ However, GD and T.O.P sing the chorus with me in a lower octave. On music shows, the camera directors will start filming me then switch to GD!” — Seungri


Despite his frustrations, we know there is nothing but love between the two!


Source: My Daily and Sports Donga


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