Seulgi Accidentally Let It Slip That Red Velvet Will Come Back In August

August or not, fans can’t wait to have Red Velvet girls return with another killer bop!

Red Velvet Seulgi‘s adventure in Mexico was finally revealed on the latest episode of Law of the Jungle!


Fans were thrilled to see Seulgi out in the wild, but more about her spoiler of Red Velvet’s possible August comeback!


Back in March 2018, when the shoot took place, Seulgi briefly mentioned Red Velvet’s return for the summer.

“The new song should come out in the summer, around August.” — Seulgi


Once the episode aired, and now that it is very close to August, Red Velvet fans are preparing themselves for a summer comeback!


This, combined with Wendy’s accidental spoiler about “Summer Red Velvet”, has fans strongly convinced there will be an August comeback!


While there is nothing official from Red Velvet, fans anticipate something special this August, especially because August 1st will be the group’s 4th debut anniversary!

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