Here’s How Seulgi And Hyeri Took Over 10 Years To Say Hello Despite Going To The Same High School Together

Here’s what happened.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri are two of the most popular female idols today. Their history goes back to even pre-debut when they attended the same high school together.

But they’ve only JUST said their first hellos during a recent episode of DoReMi Market! How is that possible you ask?

The cast members pointed out that these two ladies attended the same high school and were in the same grade, but the awkward tension between them was clear as day.

How were these two not friends or even acquaintances?!

They explained that they never really got the chance to say hello because they were in different classrooms in a highly populated school, and even after debut, the two groups never had an overlapping promotional period.

Hyeri debuted in 2010, while Seulgi debuted in 2014.

Seulgi: “We never got to meet because we weren’t in the same class.”

Hyeri: “Even our promotional periods didn’t overlap much.”


In an effort to get these two closer together, the MC asked them to sing their high school’s song together! Hyeri began as Seulgi followed along until Seulgi pointed out that it didn’t sound familiar… and Hyeri confessed she was singing her middle school’s song because she didn’t remember her high school’s song!

Although these two queens aren’t close friends yet, fans are hoping to see more of their adorably awkward chemistry in the future!

Check out the hilarious segment in the video below:

Source: MBN TV