Seulgi Just Got Her Kittens But She’s Already Proven She Loves Them More Than The World

Seulgi is obsessed with her new kittens.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi recently announced on Instagram that she is now the proud owner of two kittens, Lulu and Lala.

These bright kittens are the cutest things you’ll ever see and the videos Seulgi shared of the pair playing with one another proves this.

Anybody would be ecstatic that they have two new pets in their life but you can tell Seulgi is particularly enamoured with Lulu and Lala as they have been dominating her Instagram feed lately.

Seulgi went so far as to draw a beautiful picture of one of her kittens before showing it to Reveluvs. Have you ever seen a more excited new pet owner?

We suspect this won’t be the last Reveluvs see of Lulu and Lala.

Red Velvet