Red Velvet’s Seulgi Opens Up About Hitting Emotional Rock Bottom In Interview

Seulgi opened up about some of her mental struggles.

Recently, Seulgi of Red Velvet did an interview with Esquire magazine where she explained some of her past mental struggles and how she has developed such a strong mental fortitude.

Q: Because of your calm tendencies, people say your mentality is strong. I also think it’s because you try to change your nervous energy to try to feel more stable. Being stable can make you look calm.

I think so too. When I was younger, I used to think “I’m really mentally strong” but I really don’t think that’s what it was. Of course, there ares times when I am swamped with emotions and it gets hard. However, I overcome it because I want to beat it.

– Seulgi

Q: Were you born with this personality?

It’s part of my personality but I also work at it really hard. I know if I fall into it, my mentality can break down. Things that can become good easily turn into bad so I immediately try to stop it. I learned to stop it.

– Seulgi

Q: From who (did you learn this)?

From myself. I’ve experienced it all. There was a time when my emotions hit rock bottom and I couldn’t stop bawling. But the results never turn out good. I realised that if you don’t purposely bring out your emotions, and instead try to talk more positively then you’ll be able to come out of it.

– Seulgi

Q: When was it when your emotions hit rock bottom?

The first time when I was a trainee. After I went through that I realised I could overcome anything. But, recently? I think those emotions just come every once in a while. This happened when I was a trainee and I would suddenly think “Am I doing well?”. These thoughts would pop into my head once or twice even after I debuted. Sometimes I wonder, “Am I really doing well? What do I need to work on?”

– Seulgi

Seulgi was surprisingly candid about her emotions and struggles in this interview.

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