Seulgi Shocks Fellow Celebrities By Beating Wendy In Singing Competition

Seulgi sang an emotional song from her past on Singderella and won audience heart’s with her heartfelt dedication.

On February 24, Seulgi chose to sing EX’s “Nice to Meet You” on Channel A‘s Singderella. When the hosts asked her why she decided to choose this song, Seulgi explained that it was because this song was a childhood favorite.

“When I was really young, my dad showed me a Campus Song Festival on television. While watching it, this song came out and I got instantly hooked, so I remember singing this song all day. My parents really loved this song.”

Seulgi of Red Velvet

Soon, the instrumental started playing and hosts expressed that they knew this old classic and were excited to hear her sing it. As soon as she sang the first line, the whole panel was in awe at how strong and powerful her voice was, and how flawlessly she covered the song in her own style.

The hosts then stood up and started dancing along with her, and in the end, she scored 94.78 out of 100, making it the highest score out of all the guests.

Watch her amazing performance here!