Seulgi Proves She Can Overcome Even The Most Devastating Stage Accidents

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi recently showed exceptional professionalism when her microphone malfunctioned during their live performance of “Rookie” on KBS‘s Music Bank.

On February 24, Red Velvet performed “Rookie” on Music Bank, but Seulgi’s microphone had experienced some technical difficulties. During their performance, Seulgi’s voice didn’t seem to be amplified, and only the background vocals could be heard during her parts.

However, Seulgi showed the crowd she was a true professional as she didn’t bat an eye, and around 1 minute and 10 seconds into their performance, a Music Bank staff member handed her a working microphone, to which she seamlessly received and continued on with her performance like a pro.

Needless to say, she owned the rest of the performance along with all the other members of Red Velvet.

Watch their awesome performance below:

Source: Dispatch