Seulong covers Baek Yerin’s “Bye Bye My Blue”

2AM‘s Im Seulong has released a cover of Baek Yerin of 15&‘s newest single “Bye Bye My Blue.”

In this cover, Seulong serenades his fans with his soothing voice while casually sitting in a well lit room. Only accompanied by a keyboard, Seulong truly shows off his vocal skills as he is able to encompass the song’s tune and emotions.

In mid-2015, Seulong moved from JYP Entertainment to SidusHQ to focus on his acting career. Seulong also recently released “Finding Differences” for the KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond featuring rapper Kisum.

Check out the amazing cover here!

[임슬옹] ‘bye bye my blue’ 커버 영상 공개