Seulong thinks these two female friends are too good to be single

2AM’s Seulong is wondering why his two beautiful female friends are still single.

2AM’s Seulong recently shared images from a join birthday party he attended that had some big stars in attendance, such as APink’s Eunji, UEE and her boyfriend Lee Sang Yoon! The joint birthday party is for his close female friends, Son Dambi, and supermodel Kang Seung Hyun. Through his post, Seulong revealed that the two stars are still single, as he posted the caption, “Why do these beautiful ladies not have boyfriends? #SonDamBi #KangSeungHyun #JointBirthdayParty keke” Seeing as how the two women are very stunning, some are probably wondering why they are single as well. What do you think?

Check out the post below!