Seungkwan Shamelessly Promoted SEVENTEEN And It Paid Off With This Fantastic Announcement

Every group needs a member like Seungkwan!

SEVENTEEN is not only known as a self-produced group, but they are also a self-promoting group.

Whenever the members are engaged in solo activities, they always make sure to mention their group.

And some, like Seungkwan, take this promotion to new heights.

One of the hottest shows in South Korea is Delicious Guys where four comedians appease their love of food by trying out some of Korea’s best delicacies.

And fans do know how much SEVENTEEN loves food!

With SEVENTEEN preparing to make a comeback with their third studio album, An Ode, Seungkwan has been looking for ways to further their promotions.

Even if it takes a lot of boldness!

Recently, fans were surprised to see that SEVENTEEN’s YouTube account had commented on the YouTube channel for Delicious Guys.

It turns out that it was a message from Seungkwan who was asking the cast for help with promoting SEVENTEEN just before their next comeback!

Hello, its SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan. We’re having comeback on September 16, I think we’ll be better prepared for comeback if we have a dinner with hyungs and noonas at Delicious Guys.

Seungkwan used SEVENTEEN’s official YouTube account to ask the Delicious Guys staff if his group could be guests on the broadcast. He even left them some directions!

Can we be the guest now? If its possible, please contact our agency!

It certainly took Seungkwan a lot of shamelessness and boldness to make such a direct comment. And it looks like it paid off!

A few days later, with the help of CARATs promoting Seungkwan’s wish, a special announcement was made.

It has been reported that Seungkwan, Joshua, Jeonghan and Mingyu will be guesting on Delicious Guys!

No doubt this will be a fun-filled episode, thanks to Seungkwan’s hilarious variety skills and the fantastic chemistry between the members.

And it’s all thanks to Seungkwan taking the step forward to ask the show for this opportunity!

Guess it’s true that you’ll never know unless you try.

The episode guest-starring the SEVENTEEN members will be broadcasted on 27 September 2019, just in time for the release of their next album!