Seungri Accused of Having Prostitutes and Cocaine At His 2017 Birthday Party in the Philippines

He has been accused again.

MBN has revealed a new exclusive report that an anonymous informant has come forth to police, stating Seungri had prostitutes and cocaine at his 2017 birthday party in the Philippines.

During this birthday party in December 2017 in Palawan, Philippines, Seungri is accused of providing sex workers to his guests at his birthday party. The birthday party is reported to have cost hundreds of millions of won.

Some of the sex workers he provided at his party are reported to be being investigated by the police at the moment.

Seungri was also accused of using cocaine at this party. In response, Seungri relayed his response through his lawyer.

I would like to talk with the informant face to face.

— Seungri through his lawyer

The Military Manpower Administration has confirmed they postponed Seungri’s enlistment for 3 months, due to the investigations surrounding him.

Source: TV Report

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