Reporters Claim Seungri Was Fuming With Anger On His Way To Attend Police Investigations

Netizens reacted right away.

BIGBANG‘s Seungri reported to the police station to take part in an investigation launched about his recent scandals regarding drugs, corruptions, and offering prostitutes as entertainment.


Dressed in a simple, neat black suit, Seungri was greeted by a hoard of reporters who wanted to know his thoughts about the scandals.


Amidst the news reports, one reporter claimed that Seungri’s gaze was full of anger when he showed up to the station.


Netizens reacted directly underneath the article, criticizing Seungri for allegedly showing no remorse or respect. Many agreed that he looked angry instead of apologetic.


Regardless of what his facial expressions may have looked like, Seungri formally apologized and promised that he will do his very best to fulfill his part in the investigations.

“I’m sorry. I will actively participate in the investigations for that the truth behind these accusations can come to light as soon as possible.”

— Seungri

Source: Sports Today and MyDaily

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