Seungri’s Arrest Warrant Has Been Denied

His arrest warrant was denied.

It has just been announced that Seungri’s arrest warrant was denied.

The Seoul Central District Court determined around 10 pm KST that the arrest warrant was invalid on the basis of inconclusive evidence on how the embezzled funds were used and if Seungri is responsible for the crimes. He had been charged with soliciting prostitution for foreign investors, receiving prostitution, embezzling money from Burning Sun, and violating the Food Sanitation Act.

seungri arrest

Judge Shin Jong Yeol explained that it was difficult to acknowledge the necessity of the arrest for both Seungri and Yoo In Suk after examining the charges, the severity of their involvement, and the evidence collected. They determined that there was room for dispute over the embezzlement charges. Therefore, they rejected the arrest warrant request.

Seungri attended his arrest warrant hearing at 10:30 am KST, and following hours of deliberation, it was determined by the court that he would not be arrested. While entering the prosecutor’s office, he did not respond to any reporter questions. He also did not pause to allow photos to be taken, instead choosing to directly enter the building.



Seungri could be seen leaving the court after his arrest warrant hearing around 1:15 pm KST, with his hands handcuffed and hidden, and his arms bound by rope.

Back on May 8, police officially requested Seungri’s arrest warrant.

Police Officially Request Seungri’s Arrest Warrant

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