Police To Apply For Seungri’s Arrest Warrant This Week

He could be arrested as early as this week.

It has been reported that the police is expecting to apply for Seungri‘s arrest warrant within this week.

On a press conference held on April 29, the commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Won Kyung Hwan, stated that action has been taken on 23 suspects related to the Burning Sun case.

It has been 3 months since investigations on Burning Sun began and the investigations are coming to an end one  by one. We have taken action against 23 suspects in relation to the illgal filming/distribution of particular celebrities, tax portal (of Club Arena) and drug use of Club Burning Sun.

ㅡ Commissioner Won


The commissioner also added that investigations on Seungri are also coming to an end and may be concluded within this week.

Investigations on Seungri are also coming to an end. Investigations on Seungri and former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk may be completed within this week.

ㅡ Commissioner Won


In regard to the possibility of Seungri’s arrest warrant being granted, Commissioner Won stated that they will be filing the arrest warrant, but the decision will ultimately be made by the court.

Arrest warrants are issued depending on things such as the seriousness of the issue, concerns of flight or destruction of evidence. We cannot predict whether or not the warrant will be issued. We will apply (for the arrest warrant) according to the thorough investigations that we’ve conducted on prostitution solicitation and embezzlement and will be left to rely on the court for the decision.

ㅡ  Commisssioner Won


Seungri has been suspected of soliciting prostitution during a Christmas party in December 2015 for his Japanese investor and for soliciting prostitution again in December 2017 at his birthday party in Palawan, Philippines.

The police have stated that the facts related to Seungri’s birthday party in the Philippines have been confirmed through investigation and that they are currently reviewing documents they received from YG Entertainment in regards to his prostitution solicitation in December 2015.


The police have summoned Seungri for investigation on prostitution solicitation, illegal hidden camera filming and police collusion a total of 15 times.

Source: Yonhap News

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