Seungri Attacked By Netizens For Promoting Maxim Model

“Please think before you act.”

Netizens are furious at Seungri for a post in which he asked his fans to vote for his friend for an adult magazine contest.


Seungri recently shared an Instagram post that encouraged his followers to help a friend of his win the “Miss Maxim Contest” held by the men’s magazine, Maxim.

“Please vote on #Maxim. If #LeeAhYoon ranks No.1, I’ll be on Instagram live for 1 hour! #BFF #LeeChoco”


Netizens have been finding fault with Seungri’s post because Maxim is an adult magazine that offers content that may contain nudity inappropriate for Seungri’s underage followers.

  • “How can he say go to the magazine website and vote when he has underage fans too.”


Moreover, netizens have been pointing out that Seungri is exploiting his fans in a rude way.

  • “He’s doing a live broadcast as if he’s doing us a huge favor. So rude.”
  • “Why is he asking fans for something like this?”


Some netizens who could not believe Seungri would ask his fans for such a thing claimed that someone must have hacked his account but when fans demanded an explanation, Lee Ah Yoon clarified that Seungri was only trying to help and apologized to fans.

“It’s not hacking ㅠ We’re very close and I was in last place with only a few days left for voting ㅠ so Seungri was just trying to help me with the post ㅠ I’m sorry if you were upset about it ㅠ”


Seungri has since removed the post and changed his account to private.


Meanwhile, fans continue to shame Seungri for his actions, demanding he explain himself and claiming that he has embarrassed his fans and BIGBANG. They are also begging Seungri to make an apology for not only the Maxim incident, but the Salty Tour incident as well, the sake of his career and for his fans.

  • “Please give us feedback. Starting from Salty Tour and now this…Even if Seungri is the title for your solo career, you’re still a member of BIGBANG too and if you keep running away from giving a response, you’re ruining BIGBANG’s image too. It’s not only about you. You’re disgracing your fans and disrespecting BIGBANG. Please change this. For yourself, for BIGBANG and for your fans. Please give us a response and understand the gravity of the situation.”
  • “What are you doing not explaining yourself? Maxim and Salty Tour, it’s all because of you so why aren’t you apologizing? Read the comments, everyone’s blaming you. Let’s say it was part of the script, but you should be at a status to not do exactly as the script says. With Maxim too, why do you keep disappointing us. You know BIGBANG fans don’t even vote much for awards and we don’t even stream that much. Did you think we would vote for you if you posted it? I loved BIGBANG for nearly 12 years now so stop disappointing us. Wake up already.”
  • “Do you even know what kind of magazine that is? Using your fans to help your friend get votes is simply an act of disrespect…Vote for your friend to see your live broadcast?”
  • “Please think before you act. As a fan of BIGBANG, I don’t feel the need to judge one by their private life or character but these days you’re overdoing it. At the least, please don’t make it embarrassing for us to say we’re a fan.”
  • “Seungri, please say something about Salty Tour, YG Electronics, your dating scandal and Maxim…I can’t wait much longer ㅠㅠ I’ll forgive everything else. You know that using your fans for something like Maxim is wrong, right? It’s not like anything else, using your fans like that for an Instagram live…”
  • “Oppa please just say you’re sorry. Please don’t ruin the image you’ve created until now. If we seem like we’re pushing you, I’m sorry again and again but please just say you’re sorry, that you made a mistake. Please let us continue to see your happy face. Please.”


Seungri has yet to release any official statement or apology.

Source: Donga Ilbo